DGD230 [9] – Sustainability + side projects

This week in our lecture we talked about sustainability and ways, as designers, that we can try and make our designs sustainable. It’s surprising just how much we can actually contribute to sustainability, until it’s brought to our attention it’s not exactly something we really think about. Since the majority of our work is digital I rarely think about how the printing we do affects/impacts the environment.


I did some research on sustainability in graphic design and found some great points mainly surrounding printing. Using a green printer and reducing the amount of printing you do are both great improvements, a swell as making it chlorine free. It’s also a good idea to confirm what your printer does to reduce their impact or check for certification. ‘There are several certifying bodies that provide a tick of approval for paper stock from environmentally friendly sources.’ (“Sustainability in graphic and web design | Business Victoria”, n.d.)

I have a few things happening with side projects this week thankfully but I’m already very overwhelmed by my current workload so I’m trying to keep up as best I can and trying to not miss out on good opportunities.

I met with an audio student who emailed me about doing an artist logo and cover art, I listened to his song and asked him some questions to get an idea of what he wanted. I pretty much have free reign with this (keeping within the songs style and minimal suggestions) which is good and bad, I could probably do with some structure since I’m so busy but I’ve been wanting to do cover art for a while so I’m excited to try.

I also completed another photo shoot with a model looking to add to her portfolio, it was a portrait shoot in West End, Brisbane. I’m hoping to give her the final edited images by this time next week, the shoot went well, it’ll be great to add to my own portfolio too. Lastly I took on a second audio students project which was initially a logo and cover too but I think that’s changing as I’m just waiting for an update on this one.



DGD230 [8] – Self ID, film & side projects

This week we presented our self ID digital logos, we showed all our mock-ups to the class that we’d created after sketching and chose our favourites. There were two that were pointed out but one of my designs is still in progress so it wasn’t a final decision for me. Below are the logos I presented, I’m still working on the bottom logo and considering the top right with a slight font change. Up until now I’ve been using the initials design which I might still try and incorporate if I can.

Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 1.25.45 am

On Thursday I worked on some quick mock-ups for my business cards for the creative project. I’m a bit behind schedule but trying to catch up where I can. The photo below is some of the ideas I’ve had but I’m just testing them out and hoping to have something printed as soon as possible.

FullSizeRender 6

We also pitched our ad ideas to the film students and I completed a new photo shoot. We showed our ideas and story boards to the film students and now we have to wait and see if we hear back from anyone.

DGD230 [6b] – Marketing Personas + Budgeting

This week we learned about marketing personas and project budgeting. We were asked to create three marketing personas for our own project as well as figure out our expected budget.

These are the three marketing personas I created for my creative project, ‘Moonwake Lounge’. I’ve aimed them towards my target audience and done my best to describe them without getting into too much detail. I also did my best to stay within my style guide and tried to include the circle as a similar component to a moon.

This is the budget template and plan I’ve created, I need to add everything to my template but I wanted to try and brainstorm if there’s anything else before I filled it all in. I’ve also been researching how much each would cost and the hourly rate I would charge if this was a real project.

DGD230 [6a] – SPRUKE handover + Updates

Natalie Edwards Spruke (click for presentation)

This week we presented our Spruke handover to the client. This was a big rush for me because the ideas kept changing but I’m happy with ones I landed on. I got good feedback but was told to change the red in the poster and to fix up the kerning as the ‘E’ is too far to the right. After these touch-ups I think it’ll be much better, I was looking at it for so long I couldn’t see the flaw of putting green and red together for something that is not christmas related. Although it is more of a pink, I understand the feedback and I’m glad we had this opportunity to work with a real client.

I’ve also just been catching up on my schedule and blog posts. I’m having trouble finding interdisciplinary work but photos are no problem, in week 7 I have two photo shoots set up, one with Clara and one with a real client wanting to build her modelling portfolio. I’m also soon meeting with another model wanting to do the same, all of these shoots are TFP (trade for prints or time for prints) because I’m looking to build up my social media. Can’t say I’ve ever been this busy, everyday of the week I have something to do, if it keeps going this way I think I’ll need an entire presentation just for photos.


DGD230 [5] – Packaging + Update

On Monday’s class this week I wasn’t able to go but I’ve been filled in on what we did which was looking at packaging. Everyone made an Illustrator file with a cube packaging template (shown below) and to find examples of packaging that we like. Although I still don’t completely understand all this packaging information, this was a great learning experience for creating my own.

Packaging itself is one of the most important things for a brand to consider, I know if I see something with nice packaging that appeals to me I’d rather purchase that product over something that’s bland. Thursday’s lesson is when were asked to find our favourite examples of packaging, we were recommended to check out http://www.thedieline.com/ and http://www.packagingoftheworld.com/ to help with this or gather inspiration for our own work.

  • Nutella Unica


‘An algorithm has usurped the traditional role of a designer to generate millions of unique packaging designs for Nutella. The algorithm pulled from a database of dozens of patterns and colours to create seven million different versions of Nutella’s graphic identity, which have been splashed across the front of jars in Italy.’

I love this packaging I think it’s unique and eye catching, it would not only appeal to people generally walking by but it also seems that it would be aimed towards kids. The bright colours and patterns really add interest to something that’s been very well known for a long time now, it makes it seem new and fresh, I’m sure everyone would have fun picking which one to purchase.

These were only available in Italy and sold out within the month (7 million jars were made).

I highly recommend you check out the following examples (linked below), these are two that really caught my eye, very unique and great packaging:


Wayful Waffles (3).jpg

Lastly I’ve also just finished my first side project of the trimester which was acting headshots, after a bit of back and forth I got everything completed and the client was very happy. This was the first time I’ve ever done head shots or photography that’s more professional than creative, it was a great learning experience. I found the editing difficult because I had to keep it simple but still get the retouching and temperature of each photo right. Here are two examples of what was chosen:

DGD230 [4d] – Platypus Graphics Tour

This week we had a tour set up to see ‘Platypus Graphics’ in Geebung. Although it was further to get to I was very interest to see how everything worked behind the scenes. When we got inside they gave us all an orange vest and a tag to stick on with individual numbers for safety in the factory areas.

We got to see the pre-press rooms and the die-cut process behind packaging. Both of these were really cool to see and definitely gives great insight for when we create our own packaging this trimester. I never would’ve understood how intricate and how important it is that you place the die lines and fold lines exactly where you need them, it’s a big help to know for when I get to printing. We were also taken to look at some of their huge printers and got to see some real printing they were doing on packaging with an embossed finish.

This was a really great opportunity to have and I know it’ll help once we all get to industry which is so close now. On the way out we got to see examples of the companies they worked with and David (operations manager) was happy to explain anything we wanted know about their processes working with big clients.


DGD230 [4c] – Colour Copyright

This week we looked at colour copyright, we learned that brands will find a colour for their company and legally claim the colour. It’s not as easy as it sounds of course but for brands it’s very important to have a recognisable colour. Specifically we looked at the purple that Cadbury uses, it’s so distinguishable and probably what most people know them by, even their ads are based around this one colour.

We have to find three examples of colour copyright for this week so here are mine:

  • Tiffany & Co Blue


Tiffany & Co have a section on their website dedicated to ‘Trademarks & Copyrights’, in it they state  ‘the TIFFANY BLUE BOX and the color TIFFANY BLUE are trademarks of Tiffany (NJ) Inc. and/or its affiliates and are used under license.’ The blue they use is so well known, it’s what people remember about their brand and people love the colour, it’s make their packaging more appealing and over the years it’s always been a favourite for jewellery. I think it’s very important that they trademarked this colour because it’s a very specific shade of blue and this prevents other companies from tricking customers.

  • Barbie Pink


A big example of colour copyright is Barbie Pink, this shade of pink is trademarked for pretty much every product you can think of. The company has is not shy to sue if the colour is used for anything other than their brand. This colour is very memorable and the shade of pink they use has always stayed the same, again I think it’s vital that brands get easily recognisable branding colour/s.

  • The Home Depot Orange


‘HomerTLC, the parent company of The Home Depot, has legal rights over the orange used in their signs and advertising.’ Although I personally don’t see ‘The home deopt’ when I think of this colour, that’s because it’s an American store. To Americans I’m sure this colour is easily distinguishable to them.