DGD220 [11] Part 1

This week I’ve been testing out ideas for my illustrative poster and narrowing in on what/who I want to focus on for it. I’ve also set up another side project and finished editing the photos from a shoot on Monday.

My main ideas for the poster have focused around Kehlani (artist) and Paper Towns (movie). I’m still deciding between the two so I’ve been continuing with the concept sketches and doing things up in photoshop to choose, I’m currently testing all my concept sketches in photoshop so I’ll see in the end which is my favourite. My pinterest board has been a big help for ideas and I know what style my poster will be which makes it easier to test different ideas. I’ve already tried scanning water colour paint in but I’m not sure I want to incorporate analogue art.

I’ve been looking a lot at textures and shapes, also what kind of symbols I can use from the movie/artist. Some of my pinterest board inspiration:

Secondly I’ve finally organised a side project which is another photo shoot then editing the photos in sort of an abstract way, then hopefully a poster (which i’ll make anyway). It was difficult to choose a time that everyone could be at the studio for but we’ve settled on Thursday night. I asked for some reference photos for the shoot and received this:

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 4.35.43 pm

The photo shoot is for a group that showcases techno artists, they want something mysterious to suit their aesthetic. I originally thought this was head shots but I’m excited to try new things with photography, something like this is perfect for my portfolio but I will be on a really tight time constraint to get the photos edited before week 13 presentations.

I’ve created a pinterest board and brainstormed a tonne of random ideas that came to mind for the shoot:

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 4.44.02 pm

This was just a really quick brainstorm after I saw their pinterest images, I’m trying to get a feel for the style but I need to communicate with them a bit more to narrow down my options. I’ll have an hour in the studio to get images but since it’s a group I’ll have to plan my photos before. Especially since I haven’t worked with guys in photography yet & always avoided groups, hoping this will be a great project for my portfolio and for the exhibition.

That’s all for DGD220, for my CIU class I’m also creating a poster and logo/app icon design for our group project. Additionally I bought a remote for my camera which I’ve been using to try self portraits, these won’t be in my presentation obviously but I’m trying to get a good portfolio of photos for social media accounts. Can’t wait to have all this finished.

DGD220 [10]

So this week we had our hand over presentation for our analogue sketches. This is one of the only presentations I’ve actually been nervous to do, I’m not always really confident in my work but art in particular I’m the least confident in. I much prefer digital work, photography or even essays and case studies. I presented works with; water colour paint, acrylic paint, oil pastels, fine point pens, charcoal and mixed media. Each was focused on my object like I’d planned and it was a lot of experimenting but not an amazing outcome.

Thankfully, this week we’re also moving onto a poster which we can choose between focusing on a movie, animation or band. I was automatically leaning towards bands/artists because music is definitely my favourite of the three, I also wrote down some movies/tv show ideas. My list was more focused on what I thought would be best for the poster but there are some of my favourites in there;

Bands/artists: the chainsmokers, bebe rexha, kehlani, the weeknd, drake, kygo, dua lipa, flume, tove lo, halsey

Movies/tv shows: HTGAWM, paper towns, before i fall, jessica jones

That’s about as far as I got, at the same time I created a pinterest board so I could get an idea of the style I’d go for. It’s still illustration based so I’m going towards digital illustration. Although a few of the ideas I pinned had water colour elements to it so it’s possible I might add that into my poster, I’ve never scanned in water colour so it would also be a good experimentation.

I drew up some concept sketches for the poster but my ideas generally change once I get into photo shop so these are loosely just inspiration so I don’t forget to try anything.



I’m also still trying to figure out side projects, not much luck with interdisciplinary work but I have organised a photo shoot with a friend of mine for early next week and currently trying to organise a separate photo shoot in the studio which has been chaos. Hoping to be designing a poster for the same person but I don’t have much to update at this point.

DGD220 [9]

This week in class we tried out mixed media and collage using magazines and newspapers. I brought in two magazines to use for the mixed media and ended up drawing on some of the photos but I didn’t try too much in class, in the picture below is about as far as I got with mixed media. We were initially shown photos of some artworks completed with this technique and I really liked the style although I lack a lot of patience.


If any, I preferred using newspaper rather than the magazines, not just because of the texture but also the black and white text looked better as the background. I have done collage and drawn on photos previously for art books in high school but I haven’t used magazines in a long time so it was interesting to try it again.

I’ve also been trying to set up some side projects but finding it difficult this tri, I’d rather set up photo shoots but what’s proving hard is finding interdisciplinary work. What’s even more of a struggle is finding and finishing all this before the exhibition in week 13.

We have our presentation of our analogue drawings next week, each has to be made with a different technique. I’ve chosen water colour paint, acrylic paint, oil pastels, fine point pens, charcoal and mixed media. My object for the tri has been a light bulb so my analogue drawings will focus on this and I’m just wanting to experiment with what we’ve learned in class to create these.

DGD220 – 3 Inspiring Analogue Illustrators

A task set for class was to find three inspiring analogue illustrators and write about each one and their work. I’ve found three artists that inspire me, I actually looked for Australian illustrators specifically because lately I’ve been searching for more Australian photographers too and I find it interesting to see what people around me are creating. I ended up finding two Australian based illustrators and one American based illustrator.

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Alex Louisa is an artist based in Brisbane, although she has been exhibiting her work internationally since 2012. Her inspiration is drawn from nature, she puts so much attention into details but also puts her own style to it. ‘She loves to pair highly detailed subjects next to unexpected backgrounds, such as splashy abstracts, experimental textures, crisp geometric patterns, or the sheer beauty of untouched woodgrain.’ (about page)

I was drawn to Alex’s art as she works with mixed media, oils, acrylics and charcoal, since experimenting with these in class it’s amazing to see how professional artists use these tools. She draws a range of different things such as portraits, landscapes, wildlife and more. What really caught my eye is the texture she uses in her wildlife pieces, it’s breath taking to see how much detail she puts into these works. Although I could only dream of having that kind of patience or imagination, it’s very inspiring looking through her galleries.

‘My first word was “bird,” and I have been enamoured with the creatures ever since.’ (Alex Louisa)

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Kelly Ventura is a Michigan based artist and designer, water colours are her chosen medium. The fresh floral prints that Kelly creates are a great display of why water colour is also my favourite medium. I would describe her style as very colourful and whimsical, she also puts a lot of detail into her work but in a very different way to the previous artist.

I also appreciate how she doesn’t feel the need to fill in the backgrounds, she uses white space and it works to her advantage. The white space adds to the freshness of her artworks and is perfect for prints.


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Kelly Smith is an Australian based artist (Tasmania), she focuses on fashion and beauty illustrations. I’ve always loved fashion illustrations which is what brought me to Kelly’s work. Pencil, ink, water colour and acrylics are some of the tools that she uses to create her drawings. Her work is generally black and white with one pop of colour, she will also often instead of having a pure white background, use a soft, subtle colour instead so she can highlight with white in portraits.

You can clearly see the passion in her work and how her imagination feeds into each illustration, I love the pops of colour that she uses, it keeps the artwork simple but still gives it that eye catching element.

DGD220 [7&8]

Study week (week 7) was mostly spent on my CIU work as we’ve finished the photography/digital illustration part of the unit and moving onto analogue illustrations. For our first week of this we learned more about water colour painting, we watched some tutorials and got more hands on ourselves.

I tried out some of the shown techniques like using salt, scrunching plastic and any kind of other texture I could create. I personally prefer everything digital and really try to avoid art, I dropped the subject in high school to pick up digital art so this isn’t as exciting for me to be going back to. Being a serious procrastinator (and now terrible drawer) I don’t like having deadlines on art. Although water colour would have to be one of my favourite tools, I love the way it blends and mixing the water gets the paint so much further than acrylic.

The next day we tried out pastels and charcoal, I have always avoided both since they’re so messy to work with. This was followed by my sad attempt at an apple with pastels through following a tutorial in the class.

The pastels weren’t so bad when following a tutorial, even though mine turned out not looking like an apple at all, it was interesting seeing how you can blend and build it up so much. My opinion on charcoal didn’t change too much, I like being able to blend it around so easily but otherwise it’s not something I’d choose. Overall it was good to learn but clearly I’m still not into analogue art, I love seeing what other people in the class create but I find I just want to trash most of what I make straight away.

DGD220 [6]

The final week before submissions is over and I think I’ve achieved everything I needed to with my photos, my project schedule ran very smoothly and I have a great variety of photos to choose from. I had my last studio session this week for the assessment and I got some really nice portrait photos which also included my object, the lightbulb fits into photos much better and a lot more seamlessly than my original product.

I’m currently working on my three digital illustrations and I’m actually enjoying it more than I anticipated, I’m not a fan of drawing but working with illustrator has been really interesting. Again in these I’m trying my best to incorporate my object, I’ve also been trying to incorporate my portrait photos so everything looks cohesive in my portfolio.

Something new I experimented with this week was cutting paper into the shape of my object and including that instead or with it. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to properly try everything I could’ve with these but I got some cool shots so I’m glad I tried it out.

I also tried another technique with the paper which was cutting rectangular shapes out of it and placing them in front of the lens. This produces some really unique pictures but you probably need three people for it, trying to hold the camera + the paper and the heavy 70-200mm lens didn’t do well for my wrist, I’m actually surprised the shots didn’t turn out really shaky for these.

Overall I’ve enjoyed this unit so much, probably the most of any and I’ll definitely continue using the studio after the class. I’m on time with everything photography wise and as long as I get my digital illustrations done for Monday I’ll be good, I’ve already started putting my presentation together and have all my favourite images picked out as well as my conceptual photo finished.


DGD220 [5]

In class this week we learned more about Adobe Illustrator and coloured in/traced an image. We were also shown some examples of ‘light painting’, I already had this as one of my techniques to try in the studio so I was excited to learn the settings and how to actually do it. Paul showed me and Clara how to do these and this is how they turned out:

The hardest part of these was staying still, it’s difficult when the flashlight is right on your eyes or someones running around you with one. It’s amazing how you can’t see that anyone was behind either, we were walking around the back of each other and going in front but all the camera picked up was the lights we used. We also tried holding the colour gels over the flashlights and this worked really well, the red turned out the best but majority of the coloured ones were blurry from us moving slightly.

I’ve changed my everyday object to a light bulb from the diamond paper weight, I have a lot more inspiration for conceptual photos and illustrations for the light bulb. When I got home I set up my tripod in the corner of my room and just lit up the shot with some fairy lights around my object, I tried a few different props with it and just experimented with my lenses and tried some bokeh effects too.

I have another studio session booked for week 6 to take more photos and I’m hoping to get some photos for conceptual shots of my object although I don’t have much time now to edit these so I’m glad I can take photos outside of SAE as well.

In week 6, I have one more studio session booked before the final submission and I’m excited to get into the studio again. I’ll be taking a lot more portrait photos with my object and some of just the object itself which will catch me up on my project schedule.