DGD230 [10b] – Self ID, Side Projects + Updates

We presented our final personal ID designs this week and I received some feedback on my business cards design to try out. I’m looking to get everything printed as soon as possible but I’m waiting until after the gallery walk just in case. Also no update on the film so far, need to find someone really quickly or I’ll end up poorly filming it myself, at least I can edit it.

So these are a few screenshots from my presentation, I tried to keep the style and colours consistent. I was going to go with colours for my branding but it’s just not my style and I wanted a logo that matched more with photography as that’s what I’ve been preferring. Something subtle and easy to read for watermark purposes is exactly what I needed, I also kept my old logo style with the initials for any kind of icons.

I also finished editing the shoot from last week with Anjali, I worked with her on a TFP basis to help continue building her modelling portfolio/work. The shoot went really well and I’ve ended up with a lot of great images, I mainly wanted these for my social media and portfolio, I’ll be constantly updating my instagram (@ignataliedwards) as I do more shoots (coming up soon!).


Finally, got my t-shirt order from ‘The Tshirt Mill’. I actually went and picked it up and it’s exactly what I wanted, it was ready really quickly and probably the most stress free part of this whole project. I just wanted something simple that the staff would wear, if it was to be an actual place I’d want the lighting moody/darker so a white shirt wouldn’t have worked very well with that.

I’m also just catching up still on collateral like my menu and A1 poster, it’s all almost done I’m just fixing up and trying to get ready for printing among other things.


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