DGD230 [10a] – Freelancing

On Monday of this week we had a great lecture from a past SAE student about their freelancing experience, Sharee Louise was the guest lecturer. I took a few pages of notes from her presentation and they’ve already been beneficial to me, she gave great advice on how to get your work out there and getting portfolio content as well as sharing her real opinions on freelancing.


I’ve personally never been interested in freelancing for design but it could be an option for a little while depending on how much I want to pursue photography. I think freelance in photography would be more what I’d prefer, working with brands but still having creative control.

Sharee also gave some good advice on contracting and pricing. Pricing is something I’ve been wanting to learn about from someone whose actually been in the industry so this was a really good part of the talk. After hearing everything Sharee had to say I’m still on the fence but I’m probably more inclined to consider it as I have more real information to go by on what to expect.



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