DGD230 [9] – Sustainability + side projects

This week in our lecture we talked about sustainability and ways, as designers, that we can try and make our designs sustainable. It’s surprising just how much we can actually contribute to sustainability, until it’s brought to our attention it’s not exactly something we really think about. Since the majority of our work is digital I rarely think about how the printing we do affects/impacts the environment.


I did some research on sustainability in graphic design and found some great points mainly surrounding printing. Using a green printer and reducing the amount of printing you do are both great improvements, a swell as making it chlorine free. It’s also a good idea to confirm what your printer does to reduce their impact or check for certification. ‘There are several certifying bodies that provide a tick of approval for paper stock from environmentally friendly sources.’ (“Sustainability in graphic and web design | Business Victoria”, n.d.)

I have a few things happening with side projects this week thankfully but I’m already very overwhelmed by my current workload so I’m trying to keep up as best I can and trying to not miss out on good opportunities.

I met with an audio student who emailed me about doing an artist logo and cover art, I listened to his song and asked him some questions to get an idea of what he wanted. I pretty much have free reign with this (keeping within the songs style and minimal suggestions) which is good and bad, I could probably do with some structure since I’m so busy but I’ve been wanting to do cover art for a while so I’m excited to try.

I also completed another photo shoot with a model looking to add to her portfolio, it was a portrait shoot in West End, Brisbane. I’m hoping to give her the final edited images by this time next week, the shoot went well, it’ll be great to add to my own portfolio too. Lastly I took on a second audio students project which was initially a logo and cover too but I think that’s changing as I’m just waiting for an update on this one.



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