DGD230 [8] – Self ID, film & side projects

This week we presented our self ID digital logos, we showed all our mock-ups to the class that we’d created after sketching and chose our favourites. There were two that were pointed out but one of my designs is still in progress so it wasn’t a final decision for me. Below are the logos I presented, I’m still working on the bottom logo and considering the top right with a slight font change. Up until now I’ve been using the initials design which I might still try and incorporate if I can.

Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 1.25.45 am

On Thursday I worked on some quick mock-ups for my business cards for the creative project. I’m a bit behind schedule but trying to catch up where I can. The photo below is some of the ideas I’ve had but I’m just testing them out and hoping to have something printed as soon as possible.

FullSizeRender 6

We also pitched our ad ideas to the film students and I completed a new photo shoot. We showed our ideas and story boards to the film students and now we have to wait and see if we hear back from anyone.


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