DGD230 [6a] – SPRUKE handover + Updates

Natalie Edwards Spruke (click for presentation)

This week we presented our Spruke handover to the client. This was a big rush for me because the ideas kept changing but I’m happy with ones I landed on. I got good feedback but was told to change the red in the poster and to fix up the kerning as the ‘E’ is too far to the right. After these touch-ups I think it’ll be much better, I was looking at it for so long I couldn’t see the flaw of putting green and red together for something that is not christmas related. Although it is more of a pink, I understand the feedback and I’m glad we had this opportunity to work with a real client.

I’ve also just been catching up on my schedule and blog posts. I’m having trouble finding interdisciplinary work but photos are no problem, in week 7 I have two photo shoots set up, one with Clara and one with a real client wanting to build her modelling portfolio. I’m also soon meeting with another model wanting to do the same, all of these shoots are TFP (trade for prints or time for prints) because I’m looking to build up my social media. Can’t say I’ve ever been this busy, everyday of the week I have something to do, if it keeps going this way I think I’ll need an entire presentation just for photos.



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