DGD230 [4d] – Platypus Graphics Tour

This week we had a tour set up to see ‘Platypus Graphics’ in Geebung. Although it was further to get to I was very interest to see how everything worked behind the scenes. When we got inside they gave us all an orange vest and a tag to stick on with individual numbers for safety in the factory areas.

We got to see the pre-press rooms and the die-cut process behind packaging. Both of these were really cool to see and definitely gives great insight for when we create our own packaging this trimester. I never would’ve understood how intricate and how important it is that you place the die lines and fold lines exactly where you need them, it’s a big help to know for when I get to printing. We were also taken to look at some of their huge printers and got to see some real printing they were doing on packaging with an embossed finish.

This was a really great opportunity to have and I know it’ll help once we all get to industry which is so close now. On the way out we got to see examples of the companies they worked with and David (operations manager) was happy to explain anything we wanted know about their processes working with big clients.



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