DGD230 [4c] – Colour Copyright

This week we looked at colour copyright, we learned that brands will find a colour for their company and legally claim the colour. It’s not as easy as it sounds of course but for brands it’s very important to have a recognisable colour. Specifically we looked at the purple that Cadbury uses, it’s so distinguishable and probably what most people know them by, even their ads are based around this one colour.

We have to find three examples of colour copyright for this week so here are mine:

  • Tiffany & Co Blue


Tiffany & Co have a section on their website dedicated to ‘Trademarks & Copyrights’, in it they state  ‘the TIFFANY BLUE BOX and the color TIFFANY BLUE are trademarks of Tiffany (NJ) Inc. and/or its affiliates and are used under license.’ The blue they use is so well known, it’s what people remember about their brand and people love the colour, it’s make their packaging more appealing and over the years it’s always been a favourite for jewellery. I think it’s very important that they trademarked this colour because it’s a very specific shade of blue and this prevents other companies from tricking customers.

  • Barbie Pink


A big example of colour copyright is Barbie Pink, this shade of pink is trademarked for pretty much every product you can think of. The company has is not shy to sue if the colour is used for anything other than their brand. This colour is very memorable and the shade of pink they use has always stayed the same, again I think it’s vital that brands get easily recognisable branding colour/s.

  • The Home Depot Orange


‘HomerTLC, the parent company of The Home Depot, has legal rights over the orange used in their signs and advertising.’ Although I personally don’t see ‘The home deopt’ when I think of this colour, that’s because it’s an American store. To Americans I’m sure this colour is easily distinguishable to them.



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