DGD230 [4b] – Copywriting

Copywriting is the act of writing text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing.”

When this was first brought up in class I assumed we were talking about copyright, I wasn’t aware that copywriting was a separate thing. We have to find three examples of copywriting to put on our blog, there’s so many I found interesting but I’ve found three to mention here.


I like this example because it’s a clever play on words and it really reaches out to their target market. I also like that they’ve created an advertisement campaign with many different versions, it makes me want to read the others. Also the fact that the words are still standing out and easy to read even though it could clash is great.

2. L.L.Bean

My second example is an old ad aimed at dog owners, again I think they’ve appealed well to their target market with the dog in the centre and how they’ve used different sizing in the words above. They’ve used sizing to emphasise certain words and grab the viewers attention wile still keeping it simple and sweet.

3. Expedia


This is another example of clever copywriting, it makes you read it twice. It’s also very simple, they lead your eye to the bold text then down the logo and other information. I like this ad, I think the yellow is very eye catching and the copy is a perfect fit.



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