DGD230 [1b] – Prankvertising

In this post I’ll be showing three different adverts that utilise prank advertising (prankvertising). I’d seen this kind of advertising around but I’ve never looked at it in depth before, it’s interesting to see how far advertising agencies will go to get the attention of consumers.

1. Photoshop Live

This prank had someone take photos of people sitting at the bus stop and they put up a live photoshop edit on the ad space next to them. It’s really cool how they did everything and definitely good to see one that’s not all about jump scares but I don’t know if it would be that effective for their consumers. Though I think this prank was promoting an event so in that case it’s a great way to spread the message rather than their normal ads.

2. Rings

To promote the movie ‘Rings’, Paramount Pictures pranked some customers to believe the girl was coming out of the TV. They used the element of fear to draw in viewers, this is clearly a smart tactic as the youtube video now has 8 million views. I liked that the effort they put into the look of the girl but personally I would probably hate this prank just because I don’t like horror movies but for someone who does it’d be cool to be involved in.

3. Pepsi Max #LiveForNow

Pepsi Max pranked people sitting at a bus shelter with an ‘augmented reality experience’ in London. I like this prank because it’s really cool how they set everything up and it’s very different to any other bus top pranks I’ve seen. Again I’m not sure that this would mean people are going to buy pepsi more but it was in conjunction with a campaign so I think it’s effective.

Overall, I think prank advertising is effective for views as these three and most others are easily in the millions but I think it takes away from the actual product. Using this kind of advertising for the movie is good because it draws attention and directly relates to it but things like Photoshop need a target audience.


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