DGD220 [13]

This week I’m going to reflect on the progression of my personal artistic practice.

(first three are week one, last three are now)

In week one we were shown some information on how to use the canon 600d and an explanation of the manual settings. While I have this camera body myself, I never used it on manual settings. First week outdoor photos was really difficult, I couldn’t get the shutter speed right and the ISO was just as bad. Now, I go straight to manual and know automatically what to adjust.

One of the best things I learned this tri in relation to photography is about RAW files. Editing raw files vs jpg makes such a huge difference, now I know that if a photos dark or you might want the sun behind your model, that’s completely possible. With that said, light room has quickly become one of my top favourite adobe programs, I’ve barely closed it all trimester. I’ve even learnt how to retouch in there over photoshop and much prefer it.

I can see my photography has taken on it’s own style, my favourite type are portraits, mainly close up portraits. I love the studio photos as well as outdoors but I could see myself doing outdoor shoots mainly. Although studio photos are amazing for anything you need to do in photoshop, it’s a huge advantage for graphic designers.

(last trimester vs this trimester)

My digital illustration skills also seem to have developed from last trimester to now. I’ve started putting more detail into them and I’m also trying my best to eliminate the black lines. I can see a big difference in the way I design and I’m definitely getting my style narrowed down now, it’s a bit more edgy/simple.

Personally I think I’ve improved on my photography and design by a very big amount, I’m proud of everything I created this tri where as last tri I didn’t think my work was completed to the best of my ability. My past works have just been whatever fits the brief but I’m starting to notice that this trimester my work is beginning to look more identifiable to me. I think this is a big credit to photography, it’s given me a lot of confidence in my work and that’s showing in everything else.


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