DGD220 [12]

Week 12 was a really busy week, I’m still editing a bunch of photos and I just got a whole heap more last night. Might also have another portrait shoot on Sunday but it would be in a library so it depends on what times we can go.

Earlier this week I presented my final illustrative poster and started my final handover presentation. For my poster I ended up creating it based on Kehlani, I’ve loved her music for a while now and some of her past album art is illustrative so it was a perfect fit for this mini project. This was my final product:


I drew over a photo of her all in photoshop, the tattoos on her arm were difficult but I really wanted to get the detail in there, I printed her name in the background and also printed it into her hair as it fades. I’m really happy with the final out come, I still have a lot to learn about adding shade and things but so far so good.

On Thursday night, Clara and I were in the film studio doing a photo shoot with IWTFA (I won’t techno for an answer), there were five people we took photos of individually and group shots. We decided to team up on this project because it needs to be done before the exhibition and because there was so many people it actually worked out much better.

As a team we worked really well together, we made sure both of us took a fair amount of photos and just decided to switch as we changed poses/the people we were photographing. Initially we decided on how we’ll edit and present them between us, because we had so little time a project plan was really helpful. We’re still using the project plan though up until exhibition. Overall it was a really good shoot, we got a lot of great photos which we’re currently editing and I’m excited to add this to my portfolio.

We used the waterfall project management methodology. I will be communicating with the clients and we’ve clearly defines what needs to be completed by the end. We want to have this finished by Thursday the 4th of May. There are change management strategies in place if this was to not happen but we’ve already met the mark on what we need to do so I’m not worried. The client saw a few of the photo edits today and was happy with them, full feedback will be received ASAP but we know now that we’ve gone in the right direction. This project has been over the span of three weeks to complete.

(examples of IWTFA project plan)

(first two are before, second two after)

Looking back on my photos I can see a big difference, I’ve learned a lot on how to work with studio light and natural light, also with how to use shadows on images. Learning how to edit the photos in lightroom has definitely had the biggest impact, I’ve even created a bunch of presets which I can adjust on my images to keep a style/theme to them. I want to explore incorporating analogue art into my photography somehow so many next tri I’ll start adding that in, hoping to take a lot more photos before then so I’ll have practice.

I can also see that my digital illustration has improved, drawing in photoshop has always been one of my go-to methods but I’ve started now to take out the black outlines I’d usually have around everything which is why I want to learn about shading more. I’m happy with the progress I’ve made this trimester. There’s still a lot to improve on but I’m much more excited to put my work up at exhibition than I was previously.

Next week is the final week and should have all of my finished work, the edited photos from all my shoots + a new poster, as well as some designs I’ve created for a CIU project.


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