DGD220 [11] Part 2

Just wanted to do a second post to talk about my online portfolio/social media and the photo shoot I just completed as a side project, as well as learning about self portrait photography.

I’ve been trying to update my online portfolio consistently as of this tri so I’ve been setting it up with the adobe portfolio site, I’d probably move to something else when I want it more accessible but for now I just want to showcase all my work. There’s a screen shot below and the link to the site is https://nataliedwards.myportfolio.com/

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 5.25.01 pm

For my side project shoot, below are the before and afters of some of the images:

All of the edited images can be found on my portfolio site. For this shoot it was just an outdoor portrait session, we went to two different locations. The first was with the bridge and trees/flowers in the afternoon, we then waited for around sunset time and headed to a close by lake area. I’ve been doing more serious studio shoots so this was really fun, it was also very frustrating working with natural light again compared to controlling the studio lights.

The final edited images are all done in lightroom, I’ve created a preset filter I really love and ended up using it on majority of the photos as it really enhanced them. I also didn’t really want to bring it into photoshop because any extra editing would’ve been too over the top for this shoot. I learned a new way to retouch in lightroom and I much prefer it but I’m still testing retouching techniques in photoshop.

Overall I’m really happy with the final images, it was challenging but I tested out a lot of different things like the low light, hair flips/fast shutter speeds and different angles/perspectives.

Last of all, it can be difficult to line up schedules with the few people willing to pose for my photos so I decided a little while ago to buy a remote for my camera. I’ve also been following a girl on flickr for a long time now who does self portraits so I already wanted to try it. I’ve done two shoots by myself which I’ve got some good photos from but I have a lot to learn, also haven’t left my garden so I’ve been trying to find parts of it that look decent in the background/tilting my tripod a lot.

These are a few I took this week, all edited in lightroom, I’ve been in lightroom constantly lately so I tried to finish these quickly. For a few I couldn’t get a decent photo without angling it really weird (like the third one) so I had to hold the tripod and do the remote + try to not look like my camera could fall off at any point. But all in all it was fun, I was only out for like 45 minutes because it was a last minute decision but got some good things for my photo accounts.

Hoping to do some more photos and start a photography instagram page soon, I’ve already made the account but it’s on private until I have a bunch more edited. Hopefully I’ll have time to try some abstract editing on some photos this week before my next shoot on Thursday.


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