DGD220 [11] Part 1

This week I’ve been testing out ideas for my illustrative poster and narrowing in on what/who I want to focus on for it. I’ve also set up another side project and finished editing the photos from a shoot on Monday.

My main ideas for the poster have focused around Kehlani (artist) and Paper Towns (movie). I’m still deciding between the two so I’ve been continuing with the concept sketches and doing things up in photoshop to choose, I’m currently testing all my concept sketches in photoshop so I’ll see in the end which is my favourite. My pinterest board has been a big help for ideas and I know what style my poster will be which makes it easier to test different ideas. I’ve already tried scanning water colour paint in but I’m not sure I want to incorporate analogue art.

I’ve been looking a lot at textures and shapes, also what kind of symbols I can use from the movie/artist. Some of my pinterest board inspiration:

Secondly I’ve finally organised a side project which is another photo shoot then editing the photos in sort of an abstract way, then hopefully a poster (which i’ll make anyway). It was difficult to choose a time that everyone could be at the studio for but we’ve settled on Thursday night. I asked for some reference photos for the shoot and received this:

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 4.35.43 pm

The photo shoot is for a group that showcases techno artists, they want something mysterious to suit their aesthetic. I originally thought this was head shots but I’m excited to try new things with photography, something like this is perfect for my portfolio but I will be on a really tight time constraint to get the photos edited before week 13 presentations.

I’ve created a pinterest board and brainstormed a tonne of random ideas that came to mind for the shoot:

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 4.44.02 pm

This was just a really quick brainstorm after I saw their pinterest images, I’m trying to get a feel for the style but I need to communicate with them a bit more to narrow down my options. I’ll have an hour in the studio to get images but since it’s a group I’ll have to plan my photos before. Especially since I haven’t worked with guys in photography yet & always avoided groups, hoping this will be a great project for my portfolio and for the exhibition.

That’s all for DGD220, for my CIU class I’m also creating a poster and logo/app icon design for our group project. Additionally I bought a remote for my camera which I’ve been using to try self portraits, these won’t be in my presentation obviously but I’m trying to get a good portfolio of photos for social media accounts. Can’t wait to have all this finished.


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