DGD220 [10]

So this week we had our hand over presentation for our analogue sketches. This is one of the only presentations I’ve actually been nervous to do, I’m not always really confident in my work but art in particular I’m the least confident in. I much prefer digital work, photography or even essays and case studies. I presented works with; water colour paint, acrylic paint, oil pastels, fine point pens, charcoal and mixed media. Each was focused on my object like I’d planned and it was a lot of experimenting but not an amazing outcome.

Thankfully, this week we’re also moving onto a poster which we can choose between focusing on a movie, animation or band. I was automatically leaning towards bands/artists because music is definitely my favourite of the three, I also wrote down some movies/tv show ideas. My list was more focused on what I thought would be best for the poster but there are some of my favourites in there;

Bands/artists: the chainsmokers, bebe rexha, kehlani, the weeknd, drake, kygo, dua lipa, flume, tove lo, halsey

Movies/tv shows: HTGAWM, paper towns, before i fall, jessica jones

That’s about as far as I got, at the same time I created a pinterest board so I could get an idea of the style I’d go for. It’s still illustration based so I’m going towards digital illustration. Although a few of the ideas I pinned had water colour elements to it so it’s possible I might add that into my poster, I’ve never scanned in water colour so it would also be a good experimentation.

I drew up some concept sketches for the poster but my ideas generally change once I get into photo shop so these are loosely just inspiration so I don’t forget to try anything.



I’m also still trying to figure out side projects, not much luck with interdisciplinary work but I have organised a photo shoot with a friend of mine for early next week and currently trying to organise a separate photo shoot in the studio which has been chaos. Hoping to be designing a poster for the same person but I don’t have much to update at this point.


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