DGD220 [9]

This week in class we tried out mixed media and collage using magazines and newspapers. I brought in two magazines to use for the mixed media and ended up drawing on some of the photos but I didn’t try too much in class, in the picture below is about as far as I got with mixed media. We were initially shown photos of some artworks completed with this technique and I really liked the style although I lack a lot of patience.


If any, I preferred using newspaper rather than the magazines, not just because of the texture but also the black and white text looked better as the background. I have done collage and drawn on photos previously for art books in high school but I haven’t used magazines in a long time so it was interesting to try it again.

I’ve also been trying to set up some side projects but finding it difficult this tri, I’d rather set up photo shoots but what’s proving hard is finding interdisciplinary work. What’s even more of a struggle is finding and finishing all this before the exhibition in week 13.

We have our presentation of our analogue drawings next week, each has to be made with a different technique. I’ve chosen water colour paint, acrylic paint, oil pastels, fine point pens, charcoal and mixed media. My object for the tri has been a light bulb so my analogue drawings will focus on this and I’m just wanting to experiment with what we’ve learned in class to create these.


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