DGD220 – 3 Inspiring Analogue Illustrators

A task set for class was to find three inspiring analogue illustrators and write about each one and their work. I’ve found three artists that inspire me, I actually looked for Australian illustrators specifically because lately I’ve been searching for more Australian photographers too and I find it interesting to see what people around me are creating. I ended up finding two Australian based illustrators and one American based illustrator.

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Alex Louisa is an artist based in Brisbane, although she has been exhibiting her work internationally since 2012. Her inspiration is drawn from nature, she puts so much attention into details but also puts her own style to it. ‘She loves to pair highly detailed subjects next to unexpected backgrounds, such as splashy abstracts, experimental textures, crisp geometric patterns, or the sheer beauty of untouched woodgrain.’ (about page)

I was drawn to Alex’s art as she works with mixed media, oils, acrylics and charcoal, since experimenting with these in class it’s amazing to see how professional artists use these tools. She draws a range of different things such as portraits, landscapes, wildlife and more. What really caught my eye is the texture she uses in her wildlife pieces, it’s breath taking to see how much detail she puts into these works. Although I could only dream of having that kind of patience or imagination, it’s very inspiring looking through her galleries.

‘My first word was “bird,” and I have been enamoured with the creatures ever since.’ (Alex Louisa)

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Kelly Ventura is a Michigan based artist and designer, water colours are her chosen medium. The fresh floral prints that Kelly creates are a great display of why water colour is also my favourite medium. I would describe her style as very colourful and whimsical, she also puts a lot of detail into her work but in a very different way to the previous artist.

I also appreciate how she doesn’t feel the need to fill in the backgrounds, she uses white space and it works to her advantage. The white space adds to the freshness of her artworks and is perfect for prints.


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Kelly Smith is an Australian based artist (Tasmania), she focuses on fashion and beauty illustrations. I’ve always loved fashion illustrations which is what brought me to Kelly’s work. Pencil, ink, water colour and acrylics are some of the tools that she uses to create her drawings. Her work is generally black and white with one pop of colour, she will also often instead of having a pure white background, use a soft, subtle colour instead so she can highlight with white in portraits.

You can clearly see the passion in her work and how her imagination feeds into each illustration, I love the pops of colour that she uses, it keeps the artwork simple but still gives it that eye catching element.


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