DGD220 [7&8]

Study week (week 7) was mostly spent on my CIU work as we’ve finished the photography/digital illustration part of the unit and moving onto analogue illustrations. For our first week of this we learned more about water colour painting, we watched some tutorials and got more hands on ourselves.

I tried out some of the shown techniques like using salt, scrunching plastic and any kind of other texture I could create. I personally prefer everything digital and really try to avoid art, I dropped the subject in high school to pick up digital art so this isn’t as exciting for me to be going back to. Being a serious procrastinator (and now terrible drawer) I don’t like having deadlines on art. Although water colour would have to be one of my favourite tools, I love the way it blends and mixing the water gets the paint so much further than acrylic.

The next day we tried out pastels and charcoal, I have always avoided both since they’re so messy to work with. This was followed by my sad attempt at an apple with pastels through following a tutorial in the class.

The pastels weren’t so bad when following a tutorial, even though mine turned out not looking like an apple at all, it was interesting seeing how you can blend and build it up so much. My opinion on charcoal didn’t change too much, I like being able to blend it around so easily but otherwise it’s not something I’d choose. Overall it was good to learn but clearly I’m still not into analogue art, I love seeing what other people in the class create but I find I just want to trash most of what I make straight away.


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