DGD220 [6]

The final week before submissions is over and I think I’ve achieved everything I needed to with my photos, my project schedule ran very smoothly and I have a great variety of photos to choose from. I had my last studio session this week for the assessment and I got some really nice portrait photos which also included my object, the lightbulb fits into photos much better and a lot more seamlessly than my original product.

I’m currently working on my three digital illustrations and I’m actually enjoying it more than I anticipated, I’m not a fan of drawing but working with illustrator has been really interesting. Again in these I’m trying my best to incorporate my object, I’ve also been trying to incorporate my portrait photos so everything looks cohesive in my portfolio.

Something new I experimented with this week was cutting paper into the shape of my object and including that instead or with it. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to properly try everything I could’ve with these but I got some cool shots so I’m glad I tried it out.

I also tried another technique with the paper which was cutting rectangular shapes out of it and placing them in front of the lens. This produces some really unique pictures but you probably need three people for it, trying to hold the camera + the paper and the heavy 70-200mm lens didn’t do well for my wrist, I’m actually surprised the shots didn’t turn out really shaky for these.

Overall I’ve enjoyed this unit so much, probably the most of any and I’ll definitely continue using the studio after the class. I’m on time with everything photography wise and as long as I get my digital illustrations done for Monday I’ll be good, I’ve already started putting my presentation together and have all my favourite images picked out as well as my conceptual photo finished.



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