DGD220 [5]

In class this week we learned more about Adobe Illustrator and coloured in/traced an image. We were also shown some examples of ‘light painting’, I already had this as one of my techniques to try in the studio so I was excited to learn the settings and how to actually do it. Paul showed me and Clara how to do these and this is how they turned out:

The hardest part of these was staying still, it’s difficult when the flashlight is right on your eyes or someones running around you with one. It’s amazing how you can’t see that anyone was behind either, we were walking around the back of each other and going in front but all the camera picked up was the lights we used. We also tried holding the colour gels over the flashlights and this worked really well, the red turned out the best but majority of the coloured ones were blurry from us moving slightly.

I’ve changed my everyday object to a light bulb from the diamond paper weight, I have a lot more inspiration for conceptual photos and illustrations for the light bulb. When I got home I set up my tripod in the corner of my room and just lit up the shot with some fairy lights around my object, I tried a few different props with it and just experimented with my lenses and tried some bokeh effects too.

I have another studio session booked for week 6 to take more photos and I’m hoping to get some photos for conceptual shots of my object although I don’t have much time now to edit these so I’m glad I can take photos outside of SAE as well.

In week 6, I have one more studio session booked before the final submission and I’m excited to get into the studio again. I’ll be taking a lot more portrait photos with my object and some of just the object itself which will catch me up on my project schedule.




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