DGD220 [4] – Part 1

It’s already week four but I’m still finding there’s so much I want to try before the photography side of this tri is finished. This week I did some photos in class as well as booking the studio separately, what I really wanted to focus on this week was my object but also just testing out as much as possible for the assessment brief.

In class I just took some photos with Clara holding my object and the plain backdrop to later manipulate in photoshop. In the studio outside of class I experimented a lot more with light and props, still I tried to take some photos to line up for conceptual shots like with masks. I’m going to write a whole other blog post on this as I think there’s a lot to talk about and show.

As for editing, I’ve gotten into photoshop a little bit but I’m struggling to think of ideas so researching has been taking up a lot of my time. Otherwise I’ve been prepping the images in lightroom, the two photos above are an example of that. Due to the photographers I’ve been inspired by I’m more drawn to the blue temperature rather than the warm, I’ve noticed blue seems to be showing up in most of my edited photos.


Something that has really inspired me is light. Fairy lights, flash lights, lanterns, even the studio lighting. It’s so different to anything I’ve ever tried or even thought to try before, the only thing in the studio with separate lighting is that the studio lights really lessen how much it all shows up. Photoshop will be my way of working with light as it’ll have to have a lot added to it (the photo above is only edited in lightroom).

Outside of all the crazy photography pinning I’ve been doing through pinterest this week, we learned how to restore old photos, the tools we used I was familiar with and learning this was really fun but it’s not something I’m looking to do for others. Something you can easily do, even with removing blemishes in photos is just go too far, it needs to still look natural. Gaussian blue is a huge part of editing and it’s extremely helpful for retouching, as well as masking.

Another way I’ve learned to use gaussian blur this week is through a tutorial I tried out for my conceptual photography. I wanted to create some really cool glowing lines for my light bulb, somewhat like electricity. I found that you can create your lines then duplicate them and put gaussian on the lines below, it creates an amazing glow effect that I’m excited to use.


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