DGD220 [4] – PART 2

Without giving too much away I just wanted to do a separate blog post on my studio time with Clara and everything I learned, we only had 4 hours which prior seemed like a long time, but once we were in there it really was difficult to fit everything in.

First of all I’ve found that prepping for photo shoots is a lot harder than I originally thought, for portrait photography it’s difficult because you really need to take the model into consideration for looks and poses/expressions. I spent a lot of train rides on pinterest but when you’re actually taking the photos you can only use it as inspiration, you can’t be checking it every two seconds to get a new idea. I think I started from one photo for inspiration and just branched off that for the rest of the photos.

This is an example of how I was testing the lighting, I wanted the shine of the diamond to show and reflect but I also wanted to be able to see the colour of the sequins and the shadows in the material. The colour lighting gels are so fun to play around with and I’ve never done that before this class so it was really cool to see how it reflected onto the material. I’d wanted to try this technique properly since the first time we visited the studio so I’m really glad I came back to it, Clara and I also tried this technique on our portrait shots.

When I tried the colour gels for the portraits I tended to move Clara a lot closer to one of the lights and dim the other, something I’d like to try more is having both lights with intense colour and test different angles.

One of my inspirations in the studio was this mask (first picture), I love conceptual photography and the two photos next to the mask are what inspired me. The third photo is one I actually have poses of, I got Clara to wear the mask and turn in three different directions and then I’m going to edit it similarly to the picture but i’ll probably manipulate the mask or background.

Overall the studio shoot went really well and we got to try the 70-200mm Canon lens which was heavy but an amazing lens, I’ve seen so many portrait photographers use this lens and it seems to be one of the best for this type of photography. I barely had any blurry or unusable photos, the lighting also worked really well.

In class we learned about cutting people out of portraits and changing the background as well as how to work with hair in photoshop, luckily that won’t be a huge problem for me but I’d still need to cut the photo and adjust any light to the new background.

So I thought briefly my project may run off time while I was in the studio because I felt like I didn’t get to try everything I wanted to but after checking the photos I’m really happy with the variety and everything is still on track. I’ve decided to change my object to the light bulb, although I love the paperweight diamond I just don’t have more inspiration for it. This may put me back a little on my schedule.



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