DGD220 [3]

In week 3 of studio class we’ve been learning how to edit the photos we’ve taken in adobe lightroom. I tried editing some studio photos as well as some photos I’ve taken myself (some with before & after). I’ve found a few photographers to take inspiration from and seeing their before photos then after editing is really interesting, I never knew how easy it was to save a ‘bad’ photo. Usually if I take something in low light I assume it’s just never going to be used but I’ve learned from other photographers that shooting in RAW/low light then editing them with lightroom/photoshop is much more effective. It also gives you a lot more room to create your own style, I’ve noticed photographers will keep a certain colour or light to every photo they have as their signature so viewers can easily identify their photos.

Something I tested outside of class was using alternate lights/ low light then going into lightroom. I want to try more of this, especially with the object I’m using because I think I’ll have a lot of room to experiment and create my own style. Once I can get into the studio later this week outside of class I’ll be testing a lot of props and taking them into photoshop to hopefully try some conceptual photography too. I also tried some outdoor portraits, I love the natural lighting so this was a lot of fun.

We are also required to choose an object to photograph, I’ve chosen a pink diamond paper weight but I’m considering changing to a lightbulb because I think for conceptual photography that provides me with a lot more to do. I’m also starting to realise that maybe I don’t prefer having shadows on the face, for editing it’s much easier to have the entire face with even light.

My project is on time, the images I’ve taken so far are really great and I know once I get the studio to myself I’ll be able to take out most of my portraits very quickly. I’ve got most of my research done for the portraits and conceptual but it’s still ongoing as I keep taking photos.


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