DGD220 [2]

So I’ve been in the studio twice now and I’ve got some really interesting photos from it, the photos above are two of my favourites. The second time I went in the studio I really tried to get as close as I could and from different angles whereas the first shoot I was just testing out the camera and the lights. I’m really enjoying it so far although it is a lot more tiring than I thought it would be.

Conceptual photography is something I really want to try, hopefully once I’m more comfortable in the studio I can. Fingers crossed I can bring the props to try some things like that. I’m also really interested in learning how to edit the images we take, I’ve never used light room before so I can’t wait for that.

Something I’ve found through taking photos in the studio is I really prefer when there’ some kind of shadow in the portrait, I’m not a big fan of just the full light. I am on track with my schedule, I’ve been experimenting and trying to choose my object so far, next week should be when I can start bringing my object into the photos as I’ll have a good understanding of the studio and lights.



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