Studio 1 – Incident Cards

The incident card templates for our project are like a newspaper so I’ve been creating images to suit each card the best I can. Since our class cards/characters have a very specific style we’ve been aiming to keep the cards in that same style. As of now these are all black and white with a similar texture on each to better match the newspaper. We’ve also extended the text on each of these cards as it was a bit shorter initially.

These were interesting to make, there are two more but I’ve included four of the images for the cards below. I wanted them to grab attention and somewhat explain the card before you even read it. Also with the humour of the game I didn’t want them to be too serious, I think we did a good job keeping in the style of our game but I’m happy to change anything if necessary.


(Card info from left to right)

Mudamuda PD caught in prostitution scandal – Numerous sources from various media outlets say there is evidence or information-suggesting officers of the Mudamuda police have been enjoying the services of brothels rather than keeping the streets clean.

Mayor under scrutiny for reallocating town budget. – In a bold move, the mayor has cut funding to schools and found to be reshuffling said funds into strange, sometimes confidential, town projects which has many citizens concerned.

Mayor pushing dysfunctional town for ‘Town of The Year’ – In the face of overwhelming criticism (due to the town’s current state), the mayor has chosen to enter Mudamuda into a Town of The Year competition, in an attempt to raise public image.

Allegations of vote fixing in recent election – When it appears that a suspiciously heavy majority of the public claims to have voted for Ms Santana, a private investigation is to be undertaken, entertaining the possibility that the mayor didn’t win the last election.


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