6) Usability (Part 2)

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Errors and Satisfaction! This is what I’ll be discussing in this blog post. Of course both are core components of website usability and all of these components need to be tested and considered when the website is being designed.

Usability-vs-user-experience-01.pngErrors, ‘How many errors do users make, how severe are these errors, and how easily can they recover from the errors?’ (Nielsen) When designing a website you need to keep in mind how many errors users are prone to making and find a solution for each one. It kind of reminds me of risk management in project planning, which I have had to do a lot of in the past trimesters. 

Doing research on these issues are asking other people to test the site is a great way to figure out any problems before they arise later on. Previously I talked about how important social media is for businesses, having active social media would be a great way to receive feedback from users on any bugs or errors that need to be fixed. Although combatting these before users encounter them is very important as it can put users off the site.

Moving on to Satisfaction. How nice (appearance wise) is your website to use? Being a designer this one strikes me as very important, of course every aspect of usability is though. ‘A recent survey of online companies found that Facebook, the second most-visited website in Australia and the world (500 million global users and growing), has an “abysmal” user satisfaction rating.’ (Seward)

This article goes on to basically explain that even though people get irritated by Facebooks constant updates or changes this doesn’t stop them from using the site, the fact they aren’t completely satisfied with the site doesn’t mean they won’t continue to frequently visit it. This is because Facebook doesn’t have worry much about satisfaction, because of what they offer and how important is it to people, they can get away with not entirely completing this part of usability testing.


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