3) Which web browser?

First of all let’s have a look at your web browser options:

  • Google Chrome
  • Opera
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Safari

This isn’t everything that’s available but these are the most common/well known. In almost every article, survey or just asking in person, Google Chrome tops every browser. I completely agree with this it is by far the best browser as of now. Even using a Mac I still refuse to use Safari over google chrome.

Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 5.33.10 pm.png

‘Google Chrome, then, is by far the most used browser which accounts for over half of web traffic, followed by Safari in a distant second place. Internet Explorer comes in third, with Firefox fourth.’ (Martin) I can’t say this is surprising although I didn’t expect Internet Explorer to beat Firefox.

Now of course you can’t always trust online statistics or opinions, many articles have other browsers listed as their top choice but personally I haven’t seen many people use anything other than chrome. Rarely I’ll see people who use Safari but I really NEVER see the others listed above. Clearly I have some bias towards Chrome but that’s only due to the fact that I have used these other browsers and based on usability, add-ons, appearance etc. Chrome has always been my top choice.

‘Firefox can’t be beat when it comes to customisability and features. It’s also fast, secure, and protects your privacy.’ (Muchmore) Admittedly this does spike my interest to give FireFox a go, a few websites I’ve seen have listen FireFox as number 1 and Google Chrome as number 2 in their web browser choices. FireFox is supposedly the fastest web browser as of 2016 so clearly this is highly recommended after genuine research on each.

I don’t think I’ll be changing my web browser unless something drastic motivates me to do so but if I was to recommend another browser, FireFox has now been pushed to the top of my list.


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