2) Social Media + your business?


It’s no secret that as technology has grown it’s changed the way we use social media by a huge amount, not only personally but professionally too.’There was a time when social media was considered by some as a passing fad. Something that “the kids” were using that businesses could never really benefit from.’(Copp) Social media didn’t used to be taken very seriously but at some point we all started using it differently and it is now one of the most important aspects of keeping a popular business.

Why has social media become so popular among businesses?

  1. User Feedback and customer engagement – Businesses that use social media as a platform will always have someone assigned to take care of it, generally this person will interact with customers and bring a more personal side to the business. Considering the amount of people who use social media daily, this is a great place to find out how customers feel about your business and how you can improve, it’s a sea of free feedback.
  2. Business exposure – Jay Baer wrote an article after researching on social media, ‘This data does make a case that brands targeting a younger customer may see a greater revenue/profit impact from social over time, given the much higher loyalty effect in play.’ (Baer) When you use social media is is majority of the time targeting a younger audience, this gives your business exposure to a demographic that probably would never have known about you before, it gives you an opportunity to make an impression on the younger generation and this has been known to increase revenue/profits.
  3. Update customers easier – Social media is instant, this makes it a great platform to connect with your customers. If there’s any updates or something customers should be notified of you can reach a huge customer base through social media. ‘With the help of social media, specifically when it comes to sharing content about your business or for content curation, all you need to do is share it on your brand’s social network accounts.’ (Copp)

These are just a few of the ways that social media can benefit your business. I mentioned above about the ‘free feedback’ which very much ties into advertising. ‘The platforms themselves are free to use, and they also have paid advertising options specifically for brands that want to reach even more new audiences.’ (Helmrich) Facebook and Twitter are always advertising business through your feed or to the right of your screen, this is a really easy way to reach new users, especially since they now tailor the ads to the sites the user has visited previously.


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