Studio 1 – 21st birthday invitations!

I’m so happy to finally have a project to do outside of our set work, although this is for a family member I offered to make some birthday invitation designs as a small outside project. I’ve always wanted to try making invitations, being interested in typography it’s something I knew would be challenging but fun at the same time. Before I start I need to complete my contract which I am slightly confused on how to fill in but should have that finished in the next few days.

I’ve gone ahead and scanned the internet for some great designs or inspiration for these cards and come up with a folder of them, somewhat of a mood board. I have my favourites and my client has theirs, I’ve been working to create some different mock-ups to provide them, I’d like to show at least 3.

The first photo is what I’ve been sent as an idea for the wording, although she likes flowers and might want them on the card, these in particular aren’t what my client pictured. The second is a design I thought was pretty unique, I love the images at the top and bottom so I gave it ago at re-creating/putting my twist on it:

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 1.51.25 am.png

I can’t give any solid information at this point as I need to consult with my client on specifics and figure out colours, textures, fonts etc. There’s a physical copy of an invitation I’ve also been given which has been very helpful and is the reason that I chose the texture on the text above. It was gold on the original card but while testing out colours I thought this was more suited.

I will keep updating as this project progresses! I’ll probably only need one more blog post after this as it is a small project which is great as it won’t interfere with my other classes as much. Hopefully next trimester I’ll be able to take on more outside work since I’m much more familiar with how studio classes work now as the end of the trimesters approaches.


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