Studio 1 – Cards progress!

Class cards, incident cards & response cards. These are the three categories of cards we will be creating for the groups game project. The response cards have a template for the class so we won’t be doing much more than adding all our information to these (which is complete). Our class cards only rely on the finished products of our identities, the information we need has already been placed on them and all I have to do is insert the final images.

Incident cards! These are what we’ll be customising the most and where we get to have a bit more fun with the design process. At this point in time the decisions for these cards haven’t been confirmed by our games team but hopefully will be very soon. The incident cards templates are like a newspaper set up so out image will be landscape underneath the title with further information below.

Our basic ideas are to keep the images with the same style as the character identities, very cartoonish and rather than photographs they’ll be drawn/traced into photoshop. Although we trace some things we always make them our own and we’re putting togethers dozens of elements not just using one or two images as a base.

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 1.37.05 am.png

This is a very basic prototype of an image to go on our incident cards, the images behind will be changed (only there to show the idea) and the person will be a bit more detailed. The incident for this photo is something a long the lines of the police in the town not focusing on their jobs and rather engaging in scandalous activities that has the town concerned (hence the direction the eyes are looking).

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 1.40.59 am.png

This is another mock-up for a card, this incident refers to the election for the town mayor being fixed, due to the humour of the game I thought ‘rigged’ was a better way to go. The question marks show that this is not confirmed and is just being investigated at this time. So in conclusion we need to send these to our team for feedback and keep working, I’m confident we’ll have all the assets completed very soon after we have confirmation of the style.


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