Studio 1 – Character mock-ups

Finally I have something exciting to share here about this project which is the character identity mock-ups . I’ll also be explaining the feedback from my games team and how we’ve improved what we have. Our game has three character identities.

First of all, this is what we started with for the three characters:

Admittedly we were not happy with the third character the most but I wanted some basic feedback from out group so I sent this off to them and waited for their reply. What we received back was that the current design was good but they wanted something more ‘whimsical and cartoonish’ to fit with the style of humour in their game. I completely understood this and we were really happy to have their input on this, they also left us with some basic examples from when they were prototyping their characters.

We decided to take on their feedback/advice and update the characters, we completed the ‘communist sleeper agent’ re-design first and sent them back the photo to get feedback on if this was closer to the style they wanted. They were happy with how it looked so now all we need to do is finish off the other two which won’t take long at all. We just wanted to make sure we got these identities right to suit the games humour.


As you can see we re-designed the character closer to what they provided while still keeping the design we’d originally had. During the design process I thought it would be good if we incorporated some of the elements they initially had such as the moustache. I am so much happier with the updated version, it helped a lot that our games team had an idea of what they wanted.




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