Studio 1 – New teams & planning

So very luckily after all the pitches I ended up getting to work with my first choice from the games teams. I got in touch with the team immediately after, this project is being done in pairs so we both went through all in the information they gave us in the pitch, everything in their google drive before putting together a document which consisted of everything we needed.


The communication has been great we received all the information we needed to know within the first week and haven’t had to constantly wait for replies to complete work. The project plan we created has also detailed to us even more what we need to finish and the timeline we’ve given ourselves seems enough to finish and get feedback from the games team on anything that needs fixing.

For this project we are required to deliver incident cards, response cards and class cards (as well as other assets which the class is working together on). There have been templates created for these cards which we will put our information into and add any images if necessary. The images will mainly be on the incident cards, as our team wants to keep the game very cartoony we will be making the images in photoshop for each card to suit the incident.

We’ve brainstormed a lot of ideas for the three character identities we’ve been provided and are working with our team to create exactly what they want. So far so good but I know with these projects that can change with one mistake, although I think if we keep communicating and keep our work consistent with the style of the game we shouldn’t have any problems.


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