Studio 1 – Working with other disciplines


New and final project is underway! We will be split into pairs and assigned to work with games students on a board game. This project also involves the film students but the design class won’t be working with them directly it’s just a big collaboration. Even though we’ll be assigned games students to work with, they’ll pitch their ideas and then we have somewhat of a decision after those.

Honestly I never thought of designing board games/board game attributes was a path I wanted to take but I said the same thing about the ePubs so who knows, maybe I’ll enjoy this one too. Mainly I think it’ll be great to work with other disciplines and see everyone collaborate on this, it makes me excited to see what the next studio classes have in store for us.

Additionally we have been told that getting outside work is a huge help for completing the course but I haven’t had much luck with this, I’m hoping to take this up more in the next studio classes because I really wanted to just get used to how the studio classes work this trimester. It’s been tough to adjust but very much preferring it over normal classes in some ways, not having specific deadlines has been the hardest part.


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