Studio 1 – ePub reflection & groups


So all in all this project turned out really good, it was definitely different to what I initially expected (in a positive way). This project was a great introduction into different parts of the industry, it was interesting to see more optional career paths.

Every time I think I’ve escaped group projects a new one comes up, generally I prefer to work on my own since I procrastinate constantly but the groups I’ve had at uni have been much more functional than any I had in school. As for the group I was assigned I was happily surprised again, there wasn’t any conflict in our group and the changes made throughout (there was a lot) were communicated well.

Throughout high school I was always interested in english, it was definitely the top competitor for design so combining the two in some way was really cool. I think I’m also more confident in my writing sometimes than I am my design so this project was much more in my comfort zone which is good and bad.

Another thing I learned from this project and the KPI meeting I had was that I want to stop putting leadership roles on everyone else and actually try to take one on. Back to being more confident in my writing and being a serial procrastinator, these are small things that have always held me back from even trying, I’m hoping in my next few projects I’ll be able to start stepping up more.


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