Studio 1 – Alice in Wonderland Text

For this project we’ve been split into teams of four, we’re creating an eBook of the Alice in Wonderland paperback. Although I haven’t read the book (and probably won’t) I’ve seen the movie and I’m going to be one of those people while I refuse to read more into it.

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 2.37.08 pm.png

At the beginning of this project we were talking about creating an ‘EPUB’, I had no idea what this was but I’m pretty familiar now. The idea of formatting text for this book when I never had before was daunting but I was put onto a great team and ran into no troubles there.

Text formatting isn’t something I ever thought about tying in with Graphic Design, I was at some point torn between design and english so maybe if i gave this a chance I would actually like it.

So for this project we’re required to complete a fluid and fixed layout for the eBook, the difference being that one (fixed) will always stay in place and the other (fluid) moves when you adjust the size of the window.

As far as the style guide and everything goes that wasn’t difficult for the group to agree on, I also stick to timelines a lot better with a team but I think as everyone else probably does, working solo is much better for majority of the projects.


2 thoughts on “Studio 1 – Alice in Wonderland Text

  1. David L Page says:

    Hi Natalie,
    I am really keen to hear how you go about this process as the project develops.
    I am also keen to hear if you have considered making an audio book as a follow on project? There may be a number from the audio cohort who would be willing to assist you developing this idea once you have completed the first eBook project. Cheers, Dave

    • nataliedwards says:

      Hi, I have actually completed my eBook project but need to catch up on some blogs updating it, I haven’t thought about making an audio book before but if there was an opportunity too I’d definitely consider it.

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