Studio 1 – Playing Cards Reflection

For this week I want to reflect on my playing cards and the process of creating them, what I can improve for my future projects and why this is.

Due to having so many different files for this, me being terrible at organising them and serious computer problems I ended up with missing files multiple times throughout the process, this was frustrating and resulted in a lot of wasted time. It was a short deadline but I was hoping to complete a few of the number cards at least. Though I didn’t achieve this I was still impressed with the result considering the time crunch.

One card that had a makeover after my presentation was the ace card, after feedback I agreed that each card needed to have a figure representing it. There was also some shuffling of designs with the king card.

I think better time management and organisation could’ve really improved my end result, I stressed out too much about completing the cards when if I’d just focused more in the beginning on my style guide I could’ve avoided a lot of confusion. Version control is also something I need to be persistent in using in my own projects, not just group projects.

Overall I think this project was a great introduction to the studio class.


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