Studio 1 – Playing Cards Final

So this week our cards are due and we presented them to the class.
These are my finished cards:

As you can see I stuck with the primary pop art colours: Red, Yellow and Blue. I incorporated orange into the cards where I could as it blended really well with the initial colours I chose. The only card that strayed from the primary colours is the number card. I think maybe all the number cards could be somewhat like this which helps to single out the main cards.

Throughout the process of creating my cards and the style guide I was worried about how these would be received since the style I went for is not traditional in any way.I’ve never tried something like this in my designs but I enjoyed the designing. The font I chose was also because I wanted to further show the goofiness of the cards, they’re meant to make people laugh. Although my main goal was to ensure people knew what each card was without explanation and I hope that was achieved.


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