Studio 1 – Playing Cards

The first week of Studio 1 we were given a new project, Playing Cards. We have to design 3 face cards, an ace and a number card in a certain theme. For mine I’ve chosen pop art, it was an easy decision as it’s one of my favourite art styles and luckily it was in the provided list.


Pop art is a really fun style to work with, because it’s based on popular culture and mass media it doesn’t have to be very serious. My first thoughts were to try out the different textures and colours just to get an idea of what I wanted to do. So I opened photoshop and tested out a queen card.


Clearly this design wasn’t anything near what I would end up with but it was a good way to familiarise with the colours and textures I wanted to use. Originally from this idea I decided I would use pictures of celebrities and use the pen tool in photoshop to outline them/their features and colour them in. I thought they might not be easy enough to recognise with this technique so it was suggested that I edit the original photos in Adobe Illustrator with image tracing.


This is an example of the results that gave which I liked much more.


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