4. Privacy Invasion on Social Media [MDU119]

‘According to a Microsoft survey about the negative effects of unwise social media posts, 14% of people surveyed lost out on the college they wanted, 16% lost out on getting a job and 21% were fired from a job.’ (Smith, 2012)

These days old social media posts can be the simplest way to complicate your professional life. If an employer finds and goes through all of your social media accounts before deciding to hire you, is this an invasion of privacy? What’s the line between public and personal on social media? Maybe it simply comes down to your privacy settings, or maybe you should just be given some privacy out of respect.

Unfortunately (sometimes), social media is never private. You’re posting on a public platform and although the line seems blurred, you have to know that everything you post could possibly impact your life later on. Just by the quote provided we know that colleges and employers have been and still are checking social media consistently but is this a fair way to judge someone?

To summarise, if you’re posting something online and you think it could hinder a professional opportunity later on, maybe think twice because clearly employers don’t consider this a privacy invasion.



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