3. Social Media VS Your Productivity [MDU119]

Numerous companies and most (if not all) schools have blocked social media on their wi-fi due to employees/students not focusing on their work. How has social media impacted our productivity?

Bottom line is, social media is addicting. Some of us treat updating our online profiles like we’re being paid to do so. Many studies have been undertaken to reveal that the large majority of employees check social media in their work time. This has also led to studies that have not been able to find out if social media hurts your productivity or aids your productivity.

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 7.58.12 pm.png

‘On the other hand, the study’s results cannot rule out that use of online social network sites for personal purposes actually stimulates creativity and inspires some workers, researchers said.’ (“Social media use at work hampers productivity: Study – The Economic Times”, 2014)

The impact social media has on us takes over our mind 24/7, we’re always checking for new notifications, posting new updates, using snap chat rather than being in the moment. Being in a work environment it’s very easy to become distracted by social media if you need entertainment, the problem with this is that it generally turns into a very long time that we stare at our phones.

If you’re able to control your use of social media and keep it to a minimum then this won’t be a problem for you. If not, your work or school productivity may suffer from social media, although it’s understandable if you just need a quick break but try not to get too addicted to scrolling through your faceboook feed.




One thought on “3. Social Media VS Your Productivity [MDU119]

  1. claarax says:

    Great blog Natalie, very informative. I myself check my social media accounts quite a lot so i’d say what you’ve said is very accurate. It is kinda sad how the world relies on the media and internet nowadays other then focusing on reality.

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