1. Social Media’s Evolution [MDU119]

Over 6 blog posts I will be discussing ‘Social Media’s Effect on our Society’ and how social media has developed over time. For my first post I’ll be doing a short analysis of how social media has advanced to how we currently use it today, the evolution of social media.

‘Starting in 2001, there was a constant stream of social innovation.’ (Morrison, 2015) So when social media really started taking off we began with sites like wikipedia and myspace, social media then transformed into a huge platform, we eventually started getting sites like facebook, youtube and flickr. This all took place in the early 2000s. As time went on we gained some of the current popular social media’s such as tumblr, snapchat and vine.

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 6.46.16 pm.png

As social media evolved it also started being a very important part of businesses and their marketing. Social media provided them with a great platform to advertise and grow their audience, some great professional social medias include LinkedIn, Behance, Google + and Flickr. ‘94% of all businesses with a marketing department used social media as part of their marketing platform.’ (Stelzner, 2012) This report was completed in 2012 so you can only imagine how technology has grown and continued to influence the professional world.

Using social media for personal instead of professional. It would be a massive understatement to say it’s very popular. As technology progressed we got to the point of everyone having smart phones which means social media is constantly at our fingertips, it’s how we connect with new people and maybe update friends/family on our life who live in other parts of the world.

You can use social media in so many different ways and the way it’s evolved to the modern day it’s one of the most useful platforms you could have. It now gives you the opportunity to reach millions, even billions of users with your content. The impact on our society has been incredible, social media has been embraced as a way to promote your professional life and as something to simply pass the time or connect with distant friends/family.

But is the impact positive or negative?



One thought on “1. Social Media’s Evolution [MDU119]

  1. claarax says:

    I am so glad that social media has evolved like it has today. Very explanatory quotes about the media being used in business’s, “so you can only imagine how technology has grown and continued to influence the professional world” this right here is very accurate.

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