Copyright & Contracts

This week (week 3) we spoke about copyright and contracts which was actually pretty interesting, it’s surprising how easily these can come into play, especially copyright. I want to talk about how these work and how to be more informed.

I’m no expert on copyright but week three’s lecture gave us plenty of information to get started. Personally I’ve never been in trouble for copyright on creative work or anything else but I’ve heard about people who have wether they’re famous or not. I’ve heard of famous music artists being sued over using similar sounds and I’ve seen people be sent copyright notices for things like torrenting. Contracts however I have little to no experience with, it’s interesting to hear how intricate contracts are which is often why people get into big trouble for breaching them.

‘If you are creative and sell your ‘creativity’ in whatever shape or form, you need some level of understanding about the law so that you can not only protect yourself, but also avoid breaching the rights of others.’ (Givoni, 2015)

‘Owning It’, a book by Sharon Givoni seems to pop up often while I’m researching this topic. Sharon explains that knowledge is power and gives insight into your intellectual property. Having a book on this type of thing would definitely save you some hassle. But the hard thing is that you may not even have seen a work you ‘copied’ but it being inadvertent doesn’t change the copyright laws.



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