Your Income & Your Art

This weeks lecture was a discussion about how we’ll be earning money from our professions. I want to talk about how I responded to this and the way/s I would like to earn income in my profession.

There are many options for Graphic Design to earn income, I’ve always leaned towards working for a company on a design team. I’ve thought about this many times before aswell as freelance work. I see pros and cons to both like freelance may work better if you like traveling while having a steady job and an employer doesn’t allow the same freedom. The financial side of it wasn’t exactly why I went towards a company, I just preferred the idea and I thinks lot can be achieved with a group of people and ideas. But for this post I thought it would be more interesting to do some research on freelance design.

Something I’ve always wondered about working as a freelance designer is wether you have more or less control over the projects you take on. You may have less due to not having a steady income which could force you to compromise your creativity and make the job a chore. If you’re successful you’d surely start to get more and more control over what you decide to work on.

“If you want to make steady money as a freelance designer, you’ve got to think outside the box and find more ways to make some cash” (Lee). Preston Lee is a web designer entrepreneur, and founder of Lee explains the different avenues available to earn income as a freelance designer and how important it is to diversify your income. There are many ways you can earn money doing freelance but you have to be productive and make sure not to rely solely on design work.

I think an interesting point of freelance is being your own boss and being able to build your online and professional identity in any way you choose. There’s so many options to get some extra income which will also assist you greatly in your design work so it’s a win -win.

After researching freelance I definitely like the idea more than I did before but personally at least starting out I’d like to have a steady income and job.

  • Lee, Preston, “My Secret To Making Money As A Freelance Designer”. N.p., 205. Web. 4 July 2016.

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