5. Review of Independent Media

I have decided to review LITTLE BURGUNDY – The Illusion Issue by Amanda Mocci, a graphic designer and illustrator I’ve been following for a while. I found this piece of media through Bēhance.

(Photos of Amanda’s project)

The overall design works well together as it incorporates many different vibrant colours and patterns which tie in on each page creating harmony. As a whole the magazine flows well and although it’s very quirky it’s also kept very neat and aesthetically pleasing.

The text used is recurring throughout with 2 different fonts used, one for titles and one for bulk writing, a great example of mixing typography well. The typography is playful and fun, and because there’s something new (design or imagery wise) on each page it’s nice to have a consistency on each and in this cause it would be the type.

Though this design is dominantly colourful it has some monochrome aspects which seem to be on the front and back of the magazine. This is obviously done so that when unsuspecting people open it they’re hit with the patterns, the colours and the interesting pictures which for someone creative would be an instant hit. It creates a completely different aesthetic and a great vibe. The use of shapes and patterns in this design are very unique and contribute to the modern theme, I would assume this magazine is aimed at youth due to the imagery (later backed up since the company focuses on young street footwear).

Something I would critique about this design is that in certain places the patterning clashes with the text making it difficult to read. Not that the pages don’t still tie in with the design, they do, but possibly using shape to isolate the text may have worked nicer. Additionally having many pages with hardly any text on them can be a positive and a negative. Positively it gives you a break and for those who prefer visuals it’s a great way for them to still get a sense of the product. Negatively, if there’s no explanation people could very easily just flip right past them or lose interest quicker.

The vibrant colours from what I can see have stuck to  Purple, Blue and Green. These three colours are often seen to resemble calmness and relaxation which very well completes this magazine. The target audience is youth so of course relaxing colours are what would attract this audience, using colours such as red or yellow may be too strong and distracting making people less likely to actually read what’s written or look at the product.

Overall my thoughts on this magazine cover are great, I think it captures it’s target audience excellently and is very engaging. All the elements work well aesthetically and keep you wanting to see more. The layout is unique and intriguing. If I was looking for a magazine on the product being sold I would definitely pick this one up (not just to flick through in the store but it would also probably be my next purchase). Honestly this serves as great inspiration to me for design in general so if you like design magazines maybe give this one a look.


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