4. Curation Activity

I decided to create a Pinterest board for my online professional identity, I pinned some designs that I loved. This includes package design, branding and logo design. These aren’t my only favourite parts of design but probably some of my favourites to look at, I could probably scroll through the ‘packaging’ category on Bēhance for a ridiculous amount of time and stay entertained.

Design Pinterest Board

I would love to do package design because I love when things are packaged nicely, it makes the whole product visually much better. I found while I was pinning that I was more drawn to the colourful designs, the bright patterned ones seemed to catch my eye. Seems very obvious that they would but this was surprising to me as I usually love everything in black and white, package design seems to be the exception.

Branding is amazing to look at it, it always impresses me how people continue to create original brand identities. It inspires me even more to do design because you really can make so much original content for clients and there’s no limit to what you can do.  But that’s the case for graphic design in general and why I’ve always been drawn to pursue it.


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