3. Future Predictions

Trends are everywhere, constantly changing, and are often very difficult to keep up with due to this consistency. Technology is one of my favourite trends to watch, the development of technology has already been so large that it seems almost ridiculous to think it is going to keep changing so rapidly. Not just changing, but repeatedly upgrading.

Personally some future predictions I see for technology is an increase in things like holograms and virtual reality headsets. Not only that but we keep seeing technology being created then continuously made thinner or lighter, more portable or just simply more convenient for us.

Virtual reality headsets interest me because although they’re already here yet it still seems so far, I predict that these will constantly get smaller, less bulky and more wearable until they’re extremely common. Technology like google glass is similar to this almost, after doing some research I found that ‘smart glasses’ are a new fad in which companies are already trying to one up each other. Personally I haven’t seen smart glasses become a popular everyday trend but once they’re developed further and more accessible I think it’ll be a big change.

Another connection to make is the ‘apple watch’. Like I said, technology is always being made for convenience, the apple watch is a great example of that. Even though Apple has so many different devices they still create smaller and smaller, more convenient portable devices which has resulted in a huge amount of different electronics to choose from for essentially the same thing.

In conclusion, technology is clearly something that has taken over and it will continue to dominate for a long time. I predict that virtual reality headsets will not only be used for gaming but for things in the everyday world, like instead of travelling somewhere for meetings, concerts even. From watching youtube videos of people using things like the ‘oculus rift’ it really does feel like you’re there, so no doubt that this will be a huge movement in technology. Also in general I’m just predicting smaller devices for pretty much everything that is currently available.


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