2. My media use and identity.

To reflect on the way I use media, I’ve first chosen two of my favourite types (although not the only ones). I’ve chosen two different types of media, different at least compared to what else I would be talking about on this blog :

  1. Audio
  2. Images

Audio: First of all, I love music and sound in general, wether it’s listening to music on my phone or using sound effects when editing videos. If I’m doing anything design, art or work wise I always have my earphones plugged in. Audio is important to me because it keeps people interested, for example, if you’re watching a video that is completely silent then chances are your attention span is going to fade fairly quickly. If you have good sound it keeps you interested and focused on the content. I also find that my imagination is a lot more apparent when listening to music, I listen to too many styles to count.

Images: Photography has always been a hobby of mine so images are important to me, I’m always on flickr looking at the creativity people put into their photos. I love using original images in designs, if I don’t have my own I still love using photos from the internet, images can bring designs to life in a way you may not have even thought until you saw it. There’s so many ways you can manipulate photos or even inspire other people with images by taking (or creating) pictures of your own. Images are often used to convey something that has a deeper meaning.



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