1. What brought me here?

Honestly I don’t think I could ever pin point one artist or one piece that specifically inspired me to study Graphic Design, which doesn’t bother me at all. From a young age I knew it was something I wanted to pursue, it wasn’t long before I put my focus into this rather than art. I loved working on computers and once I started learning Adobe I was easily convinced to switch from pencil and paper. Everything I saw on the internet regarding design inspired to me keep trying.

I came to SAE to learn about design and discover new things. To be more specific, typography has always been something that I’ve loved, if I was to name a graphic designer whose work inspires me, one would definitely be Jessica Walsh.

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(Photos/work by Jessica Walsh)

I love how creative her work is, it’s always bright and interesting. Not only that but the way she incorporates photography into her designs is something I would like to do as well, she brings the photos to life in a completely different way, she adds colour, movement and texture yet still manages her keep her work somewhat simple. I found her work on Bēhance which is a place I commonly look for inspiration on design. For a long time now I’ve admired graphic design, from logos to typography to product design/advertising.


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