DGD230 – Non-disclosure agreements

What is it? A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is a legal contract that multiple parties (at least two) use to keep information shared with each other, confidential.

Examples of non disclosure agreements:

An NDA is put in place to protect sensitive information, from what I can tell it’s something that business would use much more. If a business has a secret kept from the public like ingredients, they may have to share this with someone they’re working with so a contract to keep this confidential is vital for them.

I personally haven’t seen a need for any serious contracts in the work I’ve done or have planned but clearly contracts are very important if you need to keep something between you and a client. If I was to have an NDA in place it would probably come from a company I’d be doing work for, not me. The only kind of contract I’ve wanted to create is for photography as I’ve realised it’s necessary to protect your photos since the work represents you.


How could I apply this to my campaign? If I’d worked with a film student I could’ve maybe used an NDA to keep the video private until exhibition or when it would be shown publicly.


DGD230 – Survey Responses

For my Moonwake Lounge project I sent out a survey with 10 questions, I got four responses which is small but I’m still going to share the feedback here. So the questions I asked are:

  1. Have you seen Moonwake Lounge branding before?
  2. What did you think when you heard the name?
  3. What is your first impression of Moonwake Lounge?
  4. Do you think the colour scheme suits the brand?
  5. If no, please explain why.
  6. Who do you think the target audience is? Explain why.
  7. What do you like about the branding?
  8. What do you dislike about the branding?
  9. Is there anything you would change?
  10. Would you visit Moonwake Lounge? Explain why.

Here are screenshots of the responses, I just asked people to use hyphens if they couldn’t answer one:

Overall there were no complaints, I got two suggestions which was having two separate menus for food and drinks and to maybe using a pattern instead of the grey/white. I originally did want to make a pattern but nothing quite fit with all of my other branding and the menu idea is probably a good one to consider. The colours seemed to be the thing people liked the most, I really liked the purple I used in this project so I was glad to hear that. Everyone seemed to also get the target demographic right and it all seems to make a good first impression.

DGD230 Reflection

  • What worked/didn’t work?

Worked: The packaging that I printed for my moonwake branding worked well, I wanted to get more printed but what I did finish was how I wanted it. My self ID logo also worked, even though it’s very simple I needed to keep it that way for the photography side of my work. For my self ID I didn’t think I’d change it from what I’d originally been using but this was a good project and I ended up with a much better design. Another thing that worked was my photography side projects, I’ve learnt a lot this trimester about photography and I’m going to continue with it.

Didn’t work: First off my film kind of worked but I’ve got it here because it didn’t turn out at all how I’d originally planned. I ended up completing a second story board as I had to make something I could do by myself, I also realised too late that I should’ve pitched my ideas to the audio students not the film students. My self ID packaging didn’t work out how I wanted, that was a big let down of my work but I unfortunately didn’t have time fix it. Lastly my planned schedule didn’t exactly work out as other things got in the way and I found it too difficult to constantly be catching up.

  • What collaborations and teams were you involved with, any issues?

I was involved in two collaborations with audio students and many photo shoots with new people, as well as working in a team with Clara. Everything went well with my collaborations and I met a lot of new people, the only problem with side projects was peoples initial idea changing but I adapted to what they asked. I worked good with Clara because we both had our own parts of the project and planned it well, we’ve also worked together many times before.

  • What could you improve upon?

I still need to improve on my time management and ability to follow a timeline of work, I started off doing well but as unanticipated things came in throughout the trimester I ended up neglecting my main bulk of work. I also want to improve on the presentation of my work, at the gallery walk I received good feedback about how I can better show my photos and designs which I’m going to work on. Being organised ahead of times for exhibitions would also have helped to avoid more stress.

DGD230 [10b] – Self ID, Side Projects + Updates

We presented our final personal ID designs this week and I received some feedback on my business cards design to try out. I’m looking to get everything printed as soon as possible but I’m waiting until after the gallery walk just in case. Also no update on the film so far, need to find someone really quickly or I’ll end up poorly filming it myself, at least I can edit it.

So these are a few screenshots from my presentation, I tried to keep the style and colours consistent. I was going to go with colours for my branding but it’s just not my style and I wanted a logo that matched more with photography as that’s what I’ve been preferring. Something subtle and easy to read for watermark purposes is exactly what I needed, I also kept my old logo style with the initials for any kind of icons.

I also finished editing the shoot from last week with Anjali, I worked with her on a TFP basis to help continue building her modelling portfolio/work. The shoot went really well and I’ve ended up with a lot of great images, I mainly wanted these for my social media and portfolio, I’ll be constantly updating my instagram (@ignataliedwards) as I do more shoots (coming up soon!).


Finally, got my t-shirt order from ‘The Tshirt Mill’. I actually went and picked it up and it’s exactly what I wanted, it was ready really quickly and probably the most stress free part of this whole project. I just wanted something simple that the staff would wear, if it was to be an actual place I’d want the lighting moody/darker so a white shirt wouldn’t have worked very well with that.

I’m also just catching up still on collateral like my menu and A1 poster, it’s all almost done I’m just fixing up and trying to get ready for printing among other things.

DGD230 [10a] – Freelancing

On Monday of this week we had a great lecture from a past SAE student about their freelancing experience, Sharee Louise was the guest lecturer. I took a few pages of notes from her presentation and they’ve already been beneficial to me, she gave great advice on how to get your work out there and getting portfolio content as well as sharing her real opinions on freelancing.


I’ve personally never been interested in freelancing for design but it could be an option for a little while depending on how much I want to pursue photography. I think freelance in photography would be more what I’d prefer, working with brands but still having creative control.

Sharee also gave some good advice on contracting and pricing. Pricing is something I’ve been wanting to learn about from someone whose actually been in the industry so this was a really good part of the talk. After hearing everything Sharee had to say I’m still on the fence but I’m probably more inclined to consider it as I have more real information to go by on what to expect.