DGD230 [3] – Elevator Pitch

This week we presented our final logo and finalised our slogans for our company. I’ll show a photo below of the logo I chose in the end for ‘Moonwake Lounge’ and the slogan I am using is ‘Dusk till dawn’.

MW big logo

Our presentations were in the form of an elevator pitch so they were quick and just showing what we’d completed/decided so far. I specified some brand information like the lounge being a night only waterfront lounge and the target demographic for which I chose young adults.

These are a few examples of the slides I had which included my pinterest research, an example of my logo template and the extra collateral I decided on.

We’ve also been asked to create a timeline/schedule and put it on our blog which will be up in my week 4 post since I still need to finalise everything. I’m also currently working on setting up a photography side project.

DGD230 [2] – Fonts + Logo update

For this week we’re looking at fonts for our logo and I have some updates on decisions for the logo. I’ve chosen to do ‘Moonwake Lounge’ after a brainstorm of ideas which originally I thought I’d go with a food cart but I loved the name of this too much. I’ve chosen three fonts as possibilities.


Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 11.33.42 pm

This font is actually one of the last I found, I was originally only looking on behance but once I moved to dafont I found this one. It’s 100% free and one of my favourite ones, it suits the name of the lounge really well.

2. Billy

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 11.36.17 pm

This font would be another option, if I go with an extremely casual lounge and I wanted to give that off in the logo I’d use this. I really like this font but I think if I used it I’d go with lowercase.

3. Streamster

Another one from behance, this font is going the other way and if I made the lounge more fancy I’d choose this. Generally I don’t use script fonts often but I really like this one, especially matches the name and I think it’d be really good for a logo because it’s still legible smaller.

Last thing is my concept drawings for the logo before I create them digitally, I’ll be making quite a few of these and just seeing what works.

DGD230 [1b] – Prankvertising

In this post I’ll be showing three different adverts that utilise prank advertising (prankvertising). I’d seen this kind of advertising around but I’ve never looked at it in depth before, it’s interesting to see how far advertising agencies will go to get the attention of consumers.

1. Photoshop Live

This prank had someone take photos of people sitting at the bus stop and they put up a live photoshop edit on the ad space next to them. It’s really cool how they did everything and definitely good to see one that’s not all about jump scares but I don’t know if it would be that effective for their consumers. Though I think this prank was promoting an event so in that case it’s a great way to spread the message rather than their normal ads.

2. Rings

To promote the movie ‘Rings’, Paramount Pictures pranked some customers to believe the girl was coming out of the TV. They used the element of fear to draw in viewers, this is clearly a smart tactic as the youtube video now has 8 million views. I liked that the effort they put into the look of the girl but personally I would probably hate this prank just because I don’t like horror movies but for someone who does it’d be cool to be involved in.

3. Pepsi Max #LiveForNow

Pepsi Max pranked people sitting at a bus shelter with an ‘augmented reality experience’ in London. I like this prank because it’s really cool how they set everything up and it’s very different to any other bus top pranks I’ve seen. Again I’m not sure that this would mean people are going to buy pepsi more but it was in conjunction with a campaign so I think it’s effective.

Overall, I think prank advertising is effective for views as these three and most others are easily in the millions but I think it takes away from the actual product. Using this kind of advertising for the movie is good because it draws attention and directly relates to it but things like Photoshop need a target audience.

DGD230 [1a] – Advertising Campaigns + new work!

This week is the first week of DGD230 and in our first class we looked at advertising campaigns, each person showed one of their favourites as well as doing this blog post on a few different ones. For the one in class I chose the ‘#likeagirl’ campaign which is one I’ve seen around previously and one of my favourite ad campaigns I’ve seen.

I’ve found a local, national and international campaign from three different advertising agencies to show:

1. Local – BigfishBigfish, an agency located in Brisbane ran a campaign called ‘Come together Brisbane‘. They created this campaign to promote optimism in the community after the flooding in 2011, there’s a video on the campaign page of what they finished with. I like this campaign because it’s great to see the positive side of the city and community and it’s nice to go with positivity rather than dwell on it.

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 8.17.14 pm


2. National – Ogilvy Australia is an advertising agency located in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. They had multiple campaigns I was interested in but the one I landed on as most effective was their ‘Show your support‘ campaign with the national breast cancer foundation. The campaign ‘asks Australians to host a Pink Ribbon Breakfast to raise money for breast cancer research.’ I love this campaign in general and what they’re trying to achieve but I also love the typography used for advertising and how they used the ‘#ShowYourSupport’ on social media to bring even more attention to the cause.

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 8.38.08 pm

3. International – Valenstein & Fatt, a design agency in London, created a campaign for Marks & Spencer called ‘Spend it Well‘. ‘Spend it Well’ is a call to action – designed to inspire and enable people to make every moment special by focusing on the quality experiences, people and things that really matter. The video created for this campaign was really creative and definitely got their message across, I really liked the video and the tagline summarises everything really well while still keeping it simple and clear.

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 8.49.54 pm

This was really fun to do because it’s good seeing all the work that advertising agencies are creating/designing, there’a few I found a long the way that just re-assure me I’d love to work for a company after uni rather than freelance.

This week we also brainstormed ideas for our big creative project, I’m leaning towards doing branding for a food cart company or a waterfront bar, I have a list of ideas and pages of brainstorms to help me choose names so I should be clear on that by next week I hope.

DGD220 [13]

This week I’m going to reflect on the progression of my personal artistic practice.

(first three are week one, last three are now)

In week one we were shown some information on how to use the canon 600d and an explanation of the manual settings. While I have this camera body myself, I never used it on manual settings. First week outdoor photos was really difficult, I couldn’t get the shutter speed right and the ISO was just as bad. Now, I go straight to manual and know automatically what to adjust.

One of the best things I learned this tri in relation to photography is about RAW files. Editing raw files vs jpg makes such a huge difference, now I know that if a photos dark or you might want the sun behind your model, that’s completely possible. With that said, light room has quickly become one of my top favourite adobe programs, I’ve barely closed it all trimester. I’ve even learnt how to retouch in there over photoshop and much prefer it.

I can see my photography has taken on it’s own style, my favourite type are portraits, mainly close up portraits. I love the studio photos as well as outdoors but I could see myself doing outdoor shoots mainly. Although studio photos are amazing for anything you need to do in photoshop, it’s a huge advantage for graphic designers.

(last trimester vs this trimester)

My digital illustration skills also seem to have developed from last trimester to now. I’ve started putting more detail into them and I’m also trying my best to eliminate the black lines. I can see a big difference in the way I design and I’m definitely getting my style narrowed down now, it’s a bit more edgy/simple.

Personally I think I’ve improved on my photography and design by a very big amount, I’m proud of everything I created this tri where as last tri I didn’t think my work was completed to the best of my ability. My past works have just been whatever fits the brief but I’m starting to notice that this trimester my work is beginning to look more identifiable to me. I think this is a big credit to photography, it’s given me a lot of confidence in my work and that’s showing in everything else.

DGD220 [12]

Week 12 was a really busy week, I’m still editing a bunch of photos and I just got a whole heap more last night. Might also have another portrait shoot on Sunday but it would be in a library so it depends on what times we can go.

Earlier this week I presented my final illustrative poster and started my final handover presentation. For my poster I ended up creating it based on Kehlani, I’ve loved her music for a while now and some of her past album art is illustrative so it was a perfect fit for this mini project. This was my final product:


I drew over a photo of her all in photoshop, the tattoos on her arm were difficult but I really wanted to get the detail in there, I printed her name in the background and also printed it into her hair as it fades. I’m really happy with the final out come, I still have a lot to learn about adding shade and things but so far so good.

On Thursday night, Clara and I were in the film studio doing a photo shoot with IWTFA (I won’t techno for an answer), there were five people we took photos of individually and group shots. We decided to team up on this project because it needs to be done before the exhibition and because there was so many people it actually worked out much better.

As a team we worked really well together, we made sure both of us took a fair amount of photos and just decided to switch as we changed poses/the people we were photographing. Initially we decided on how we’ll edit and present them between us, because we had so little time a project plan was really helpful. We’re still using the project plan though up until exhibition. Overall it was a really good shoot, we got a lot of great photos which we’re currently editing and I’m excited to add this to my portfolio.

We used the waterfall project management methodology. I will be communicating with the clients and we’ve clearly defines what needs to be completed by the end. We want to have this finished by Thursday the 4th of May. There are change management strategies in place if this was to not happen but we’ve already met the mark on what we need to do so I’m not worried. The client saw a few of the photo edits today and was happy with them, full feedback will be received ASAP but we know now that we’ve gone in the right direction. This project has been over the span of three weeks to complete.

(examples of IWTFA project plan)

(first two are before, second two after)

Looking back on my photos I can see a big difference, I’ve learned a lot on how to work with studio light and natural light, also with how to use shadows on images. Learning how to edit the photos in lightroom has definitely had the biggest impact, I’ve even created a bunch of presets which I can adjust on my images to keep a style/theme to them. I want to explore incorporating analogue art into my photography somehow so many next tri I’ll start adding that in, hoping to take a lot more photos before then so I’ll have practice.

I can also see that my digital illustration has improved, drawing in photoshop has always been one of my go-to methods but I’ve started now to take out the black outlines I’d usually have around everything which is why I want to learn about shading more. I’m happy with the progress I’ve made this trimester. There’s still a lot to improve on but I’m much more excited to put my work up at exhibition than I was previously.

Next week is the final week and should have all of my finished work, the edited photos from all my shoots + a new poster, as well as some designs I’ve created for a CIU project.

DGD220 [11] Part 2

Just wanted to do a second post to talk about my online portfolio/social media and the photo shoot I just completed as a side project, as well as learning about self portrait photography.

I’ve been trying to update my online portfolio consistently as of this tri so I’ve been setting it up with the adobe portfolio site, I’d probably move to something else when I want it more accessible but for now I just want to showcase all my work. There’s a screen shot below and the link to the site is https://nataliedwards.myportfolio.com/

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 5.25.01 pm

For my side project shoot, below are the before and afters of some of the images:

All of the edited images can be found on my portfolio site. For this shoot it was just an outdoor portrait session, we went to two different locations. The first was with the bridge and trees/flowers in the afternoon, we then waited for around sunset time and headed to a close by lake area. I’ve been doing more serious studio shoots so this was really fun, it was also very frustrating working with natural light again compared to controlling the studio lights.

The final edited images are all done in lightroom, I’ve created a preset filter I really love and ended up using it on majority of the photos as it really enhanced them. I also didn’t really want to bring it into photoshop because any extra editing would’ve been too over the top for this shoot. I learned a new way to retouch in lightroom and I much prefer it but I’m still testing retouching techniques in photoshop.

Overall I’m really happy with the final images, it was challenging but I tested out a lot of different things like the low light, hair flips/fast shutter speeds and different angles/perspectives.

Last of all, it can be difficult to line up schedules with the few people willing to pose for my photos so I decided a little while ago to buy a remote for my camera. I’ve also been following a girl on flickr for a long time now who does self portraits so I already wanted to try it. I’ve done two shoots by myself which I’ve got some good photos from but I have a lot to learn, also haven’t left my garden so I’ve been trying to find parts of it that look decent in the background/tilting my tripod a lot.

These are a few I took this week, all edited in lightroom, I’ve been in lightroom constantly lately so I tried to finish these quickly. For a few I couldn’t get a decent photo without angling it really weird (like the third one) so I had to hold the tripod and do the remote + try to not look like my camera could fall off at any point. But all in all it was fun, I was only out for like 45 minutes because it was a last minute decision but got some good things for my photo accounts.

Hoping to do some more photos and start a photography instagram page soon, I’ve already made the account but it’s on private until I have a bunch more edited. Hopefully I’ll have time to try some abstract editing on some photos this week before my next shoot on Thursday.